Iruka Academy


The Iruka Academy was build 140 years ago as the Jedi expanded into the portion of the Galaxy. It serves as a training facility for the initiates and padawans, while also serving as a sub-temple, armory and library for the Knight and Master-level of the local galactic region.

The Academy is located on the forest planet Urda. This is the primary settlement on the planet, aside from a few agricultural communities. The remote, undeveloped nature of the planet made it suitable for Jedi training and operations.

The Headmaster also serves as a planetary governor of sorts, but has no significant political authority and typically allows non-jedi conflicts to be handled at the local level.

Though the Academy does receive occasional directives from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, this is rare and most Academies of this Era are self-sufficient.

Iruka Academy

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