Force and Destiny Jedi Classes


There are five Jedi Classes in Force and Destiny. Each class is then split into three specialties, for a total of 15 possibilities. Each class has a lightsaber school as a specialty, which reflects the different sword techniques. This means that not just the Jedi Warrior is good in combat.

Each class specialization offers you a “Talent Tree” which works kind of like feats in D&D. These are completely different abilities from Force powers.

At character creation, you pick one specialty. Multi-classing is very simple. For a small expenditure of advancement points you may gain permanent access to a different Talent Tree, even one outside of your class. You could even choose a Talent Tree for one of the non-Jedi classes in the other books. I presume it will be more common to dip into one or more other specializations rather that play a single straight specialty.

Here are the Jedi Classes, Specializations with a very basic description:

Consular: Negotiators and Emissaries. The wise Jedi.
- Healer: Compassionate medics.
- Niman Disciple: a lightsaber techniques taught to the mostly non-combatant Jedi to improve chances of surviving a duel. Uses Willpower stat for lightsaber skill.
- Sage: book worm

Guardian: Helpers of the Helpless. (Obi-Wan was obviously the inspiration for this class.)
- Peacekeeper: Leader of Men and strategists.
- Protector: Bodyguard
- Soresu Defender: a lightsaber techniques that focuses on defending oneself and others nearby. Uses Intellect for lightsaber skill.

Mystic: Those who dwell deeper in the Force and the social Jedi.
- Advisor: Administrators and decision makers.
- Makashi Duelist: A Jedi Techniques with lots of flourishes and showmanship. Uses Presence for lightsaber skill. (Possibly Dark Star.)
- Seer: Those with glimpses of insight into the future.

The Seeker: Those who leave the Temple and explore. The rugged, country Jedi.
- Ataru Striker: Hit hard, defeat enemy, Survive. Uses Agility for lightsaber.
- Hunter: Deal with tracking and hunting techniques.
-Pathfinder: Master survivalist.

The Sentinel: Stealthy and Perceptive city Jedi.
- Artisan: gifted in creating and improving gear.
- Shadow: Gifted in Stealth and streetwise. (Possibly Tor Fleeze.)
- Shien Expert: Technique of reflecting ranged attacks as well as up close combat. Uses cunning for lightsaber skill.

The Warrior: Combat Focused Jedi
-Aggressor: masters of fear and intimidation (certain, but not all, powers in this talent tree will generate dark side).
- Shii Cho Knight: ancient technique that most closely resembles traditional sword fighting. Uses brawn for lightsaber skill.
- Starfighter Ace: Jedi fighter pilot.

Force and Destiny Jedi Classes

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