Young Jedi of the Old Republic

Character Generation

Private Player Conversation
- Concept review and touch up
- Cultural Background
- Experiencing the Force
- Clan Jedi or Wild Talent (Describe clan)
- Emotional Strength and Weakness chart
- Determine motivation using charts

Character Sheet
- numbers
-powers (determine trappings)

Campaign Pointers
- Cinematic, not pure combat/dungeon survival
- Player cooperative and contributions, not player vs adventure
- Flavor over Realism. If it sounds cool, try it.

- send me PC portrait
- secret wish list thing

Pass or Fail?: Padawan Testing (2 sessions)
Arc 1, Story 1

Will the heroes become Padawan learners and begin going on missions, return to the Academy for another year of remedial classes, or go home, never to train as a Jedi?


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