Tor Fleeze (Matt)

The Shady Rebel


“It is said that the Fleeze clan sneeze credits. I have heard tales of the great worms of Hutta going bankrupt trying to compete with a Fleeze.”

“Do I get to live the live of Fleeze Lord? Nope. I am not going to learn the ins and outs of the family trade. You see, when I was a toddler, my toys started floating around and playing with me. Sure sign of the Force. So I was whisked away to Jedi school.

No servents, no bodyguards, no lap of luxury. Just a life of meditation and “growing strong in the Force”. I hate being a Jedi. Like a good Fleeze, I am learning. Jedis have restrictions, restrictions leads to want, want leads to demand, demand leads to credits."

Tor Fleeze, Force rogue, noble. Doesn’t see the value of Jedi lifestyle. Is more concerned with credits. This drive has placed Tor in conflict with the Jedi beliefs.

His underhanded ways are tolerated by his Masters due the large donatation his family made to the Order.

Tor is stealthy, underhanded and has been working on a new light saber technique for stealth missions. He calls it " Kiss of Fleeze" he sneaks up on an opponent and presses the handle of his lightsaber against their back, then lights up the saber. The saber ignites inside the body of his victim and hides the telltale glow.

Tor Fleeze (Matt)

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