Ruda (Seth)

The Hopeless Failure


Look at that kid. Why is he even trying? I feel sorry for him. Are we sure he’s even Force sensitive?


TBD comes from the ??? Clan, one of the oldest Jedi family names. TBD’s father and mother met at the Academy. Many of this family members went on to be Master level Jedi. Now it is TBD’s turn to carry the family tradition.

The only problem is that, while TBD’s midichlorine count is decent, he repeatedly fails to perform well on any Academy exams. Instructor Doramu spends a few hours a week providing tutoring, but TBD repeatedly fails to perform well.

TBDs father has had numerous conferences with Hirutobi to discuss TBD’s options. His father has currently discussed taking him out of the Academy for an, “extended vacation” in an attempt to save face while withdrawing him from Jedi training.

This upcoming exam will be TBDs fist last and only hope at becoming a Jedi.

Ruda (Seth)

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