Maru Darklighter (NPC)

The Lazy Underachiever


“All I ever wanted to be was an average republic citizen, living an average life. I’d marry a regular girl who was not super pretty or super ugly. We’d have two kids then retire once they became successful. I’d spend my days playing Dejarik on my holoboard; a nice care-free existence. Then I’d die before my wife.”

“Instead, I had to end up sensitive to the force and have to exert myself. What a drag.”


Typically none of the younglings have gotten to know Maru very well. He is often seen skipping class with Tor Fleeze. Anyone who has played a few games of Dejarik (holo-chess) or any other game will discover that he is very intelligent when he applies himself, which probably just adds to his boredom.

Maru Darklighter (NPC)

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