Jedi Head Master Hirutobi

Old and Mysterious Head Master


He’s old, like really old. His lightsaber is an ancient model which includes a small backpack power supply attached to the handle by a cord.


Hirutobi is powerful and renown warrior who saved the Iruka Academy from destruction a generation ago. Few still remember, or wish to discuss, these details.

He now serves as the third Head Master in the history of the Iruka Academy and is one of the most influential Jedi in this sector of the Outer Rim. He is very reserved and quiet, however, one can occasionally catch him laughing when watching the Younglings at play.

Master Hirutobi is quite old. He was replaced a few years ago, but that Head Master was killed unexpectedly. There were no suitable candidates at the time, so he agreed to take back the office.

Jedi Head Master Hirutobi

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