Dark Star (Daten)

The Show Off


Dark Star is loud, brash and boisterous. He treats everyone like a competitor. He is a huge attention seeker and tells everyone he meets that he will become a Weapon Meister.

Dark Star dresses like someone who is trying too hard to look cool. He commonly hands out signed photos that nobody actually wants.


Dark Star is the last member of the Star Clan. He aspires to specialize as a Weapon Meister, a Jedi skilled in all manner of melee weapons, to include modified lightsabers, cortoise weapons, alchemical swords, etc.

So far, Dark Star has proven to be a late bloomer and is not yet very proficient in any weapon technique. His attempts at sparring typically end in injury to himself and other bystanders; his opponent is typically the safest person in the room.

Fortunately, his strength of will, and his need to be better than everyone else, keeps him going.

Dark Star (Daten)

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