Young Jedi of the Old Republic


It is a time of uncertainty and change. While the galaxy as a whole has experienced decades of relative peace, a cold war simmers across the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

Occasional skirmishes occur, working as brushfires in a volatile time; any one of which could flare into full scale galactic war.

It is in this time that young students train at the Iruka Jedi Academy on the Outer Rim forest planet Urdu. These younglings will become tomorrow’s warriors, guardians, martyrs, saviors or possibly even it’s apostates and destroyers…

Setting Information

The campaign will be set around 4,000 BBY. This is approximately 400 years prior to “The Old Republic” video games.

There are some significant differences in this time period.
- The Sith rule openly and do not hide in seclusion. They control geographical areas and command armies.
- The Republic is the only other galactic power large enough to rival the Sith Empire.
- Many other small kingdoms, trade conglomerates, planetary coops, etc. exist.
- Large areas of the Galaxy have been lost to time and galactic drift. For example, the Wookie planet Kashyyk was re-discovered only a few years prior.


The Force

This is a time when force-users are much more diverse, both within the Jedi and Sith orders, and throughout the Galaxy.
-The Jedi of this time are allowed to own property, dress as they please and have close personal ties, such as spouses and family. This leads to family or clan ties between some Jedi.
- Not all Jedi of this time aspire to completely rid themselves of all emotion and passion. Rather, some acknowledge that their emotion is part of being a sentient creature. They then train and meditate to achieve serenity through balance. Only the most conservative Jedi believe in stopping all emotion for fear of it leading to the dark side.
- The Sith of this time are numerous (no rule of 2) and commonly rule over planets or sectors of space. Jedi are also allowed to hold political offices, but do so with much more reservation.
- Both Jedi and Sith training is decentralized, with numerous academies located in remote, usually hidden, locations across the galaxy. This often results in Jedi from different academies developing their own cultural differences.
- A much wider variety of other practitioners of the force exist, having been left alone to develop their own philosophies and methods regarding the force. Though prevalent in numbers, they typically conceal themselves for fear of coming into conflict, or being absorbed, by the Jedi or Sith. Examples are the Dathomiir Witches, the Aing Tii and the Fallannassi.

Character Creation


Please begin designing your character concept. I would rather you not focus on your build within the rules of the game, just come up with a story concept, personality traits, background etc. I would prefer to have much of this done before putting pencil to character sheet.

Player Characters for this campaign will be Jedi younglings on the verge of completing their academy training and graduating to the rank of Padawan. Here are some things to consider when planning a PC concept.
- Species from across the Galaxy Train at the Academy. Most any species will be acceptable.
- For a variety of reasons listed above, Jedi are much less “cookie-cutter” than they are in any of the movies. Make sure to add unique details to make your character standout and be memorable.
- Not all Jedi are warriors, these are just the ones most portrayed in movies. Jedi scholars, sorcerers, medics, etc. are all possibilities. As mentioned above, an entire group of Obi-Wan clones will make for a very boring campaign.
- The Force and Destiny Rules allows for a lot of added flavor, similar to “Color of Magic” system. You may describe what your power looks like, and the rules will determine the outcome effect and it’s margin of success.
- While you are making Jedi heroes, you are also making very young characters (equivalent of 12-13 in human years). This is a great opportunity to make a character that also has a lot to learn about the galaxy, the Force, and themselves. It’s a great opportunity to have exaggerated personality traits or some interesting flaws. I don’t mean to make this a game about brooding teenagers, but it’s an opportunity to try out something a little different.

Here are some random character ideas to get you started. (All off the top of my head in about 2 minutes.)
- A bashful wookie who is trying to find their bravey and become a warrior.
- A class clown who holds a dark secret in their heart.
- The clan Jedi who has a chip on his shoulder for not living up to his family name.
- The dirty, orphan kid no one really likes, who holds a great deal of potential.

Rules and Game Mechanics


It is my intention to teach the rules for this system while we play through the first few sessions. As your younglings learn enough about the force to become padawans, the player will at the same time learn the rules of the game.

There are a couple playter (Charles and Daten) who have played this already and know more than I do. I will rely on their experiences to help me along the way.

If at some point we decide we would like to revert to another rule system, we can make a conversion. I’ve done this in the past and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Young Jedi of the Old Republic